About Us


Our mission is simple. We're pretty partial towards people fighting against long term illnesses. It doesn't take much searching to find someone who's battling one. We want to be able to create some awesome, fun and comfortable socks to add to the ever-growing pattern sock industry, and we want to be able to give some of our fun socks to people who need something to brighten their day. 


Hi! My name is Luke. I'm the creator of Sockerang, and like the mission statement says, I created this company to help realize the cool designs I have going on in my head at all times. Socks were a cool way to represent the fun patterns, so I ran with it. I also wanted to make Sockerang much more than a simple pattern-sock company. Like just about everyone else, I've been around people who've been unfortunate enough to have to go through something like cancer, or ALS, or any other type. It's hard to help anyone who has to deal with this, but in an effort to do so, I wanted to donate some of my designs to the American Family Children's Hospital to make the day's of the patients being treated there. It may not be everything they need, but it's something. And if it helps put a smile on their face, it's worth making an effort.